4 Reasons Why DriversServices.org Urges You to Always Wear a Seat Belt

driversservices blog: 4 Reasons Why DriversServices.org Urges You to Always Wear a Seat Belt

For some, clicking in ta seat belt has become a daily habit, and any time drivers put their keys in their ignitions, their seat belts are already in place. Yet, for others, a seat belt is considered more of a nuisance and is often left off during driving. The experts at DriversServices.org weigh in on the importance of car safety and why you should always wear a seat belt when you drive, no ifs ands or buts about it.

It Will Save Your Life

It sounds a bit dramatic, sure, but it couldn’t be more truthful. Seat belts can easily be the difference between life and death during a car accident, and you need to ask yourself which side you would like to be on if that situation arises. According to the team at DriversServices.org, wearing a seat belt can be the reason why you would not sustain life-threatening injuries when in a car accident. A seat belt is the most effective way to save your life during an automobile accident, and takes less than five seconds to snap into place. Even the most experienced drivers cannot avoid certain car collisions, which is why wearing a seat belt can safely keep you in place during a crash.

It is a Built-In Defense Mechanism

Maybe you are not a reckless driver and think because of this, you won’t need to wear your seat belt all the time. However, many times, it isn’t you who is the problem. Experts at DriversServices.org claim that the best defense against other drivers is simply clicking on your seat belt. Whether it be aggressive drivers who lack the consideration of others on the road, distracted drivers who cannot detach from their cell phones while driving or impaired drivers who have had too much to drink (yet still get behind the wheel), a seat belt can be a safety defense from all of the above. But beyond other drivers, there are other reasons why you need to be on the defense while driving. Road hazards, such as construction, obstructions in the road or harsh weather conditions, also warrant you to wear your seat belt for your own protection.

It’s Just Not Worth It

According to the experts at DriversServices.org, statistics normally show that 80 percent of all traffic deaths occur at speeds under 40 mph, and within 25 miles of the individuals’ homes. This means that whether or not you are driving to the store down the road and don’t think a seat belt is necessary, or feel like making a quick trip in the neighborhood and factor time to be a reason for not needing a seat belt – it’s just not worth the risk. Regardless of how slow the traffic is, or how far away the store may be, it is just not worth risking your life. Make sure to click your seat belt for peace of mind every time.

It Will Save You Money

While not as important as say, saving your life, not wearing a seat belt can be a costly endeavor if caught by law enforcement. DriversServices.org notes that many states will cite drivers that they find without their seat belts, and the penalties can be quite high. In 49 states currently, you will be fined for not wearing a seat belt, so the best way to avoid any unnecessary fines, some upwards of $100, is to wear your seat belt every time you drive.