's Tips for Making the Most out of Your Uber Career

driversservices blog:'s Tips for Making the Most out of Your Uber Career

The ride-share industry is currently thriving, and many people are choosing Uber as a part-time source of extra income. However, there are plenty of Uber drivers who have chosen to make the ride-share industry their primary source of income over say, sitting at a desk for 40 hours each week. The team at details a few key tips that can help you make the most out of your Uber career, so you can make the most money while at work.

Make Uber a Full-Time Job

Many people are choosing to become Uber drivers as their main sources of income, and since the application process is not entirely complicated, you can start making money in just a short amount of time. Making Uber your full-time job is a fairly easy task, as long as you are willing to put the time and effort in to make it work. Much like any other full-time job, the amount that you put into the position is what you will get in return. The experts at illustrate that the easiest way to start making Uber a full-time gig is by getting a smartphone and a relatively new four-door vehicle. You will need to go through the application process, which involves a background check, and then be approved by Uber before you can officially start driving. Note that the more hours you put in to driving for Uber as your full-time job, the easier it will become.

How to Get More Uber Clients

The way you’ll get more Uber clients starts simply with being available to drive. The more you are available for customers, the more customers you will land. It’s that easy. Of course, illustrates that it’s always better to have higher ratings from your customers in comparison to negative reviews. Customers are able to see what types of scores and reviews others have given you based on your driving services, so the higher ratings you have, the more comfortable customers will be in hiring you as their driver. You can also get more Uber customers by tending to more passenger-heavy areas. Some Uber drivers use the passenger app over the driver app, switching back and forth, in order to find more thriving areas where Uber drivers aren’t necessarily present.

Don’t Chase Surge Fares or Drive Around Aimlessly

While surge fares may be appealing to many drivers, notes that chasing these surge fares may not be beneficial in the long run. Think about how many other Uber drivers are trying to capitalize on these surges, too. You will be one car among many, so acquiring more customers may not be as easy as you think. It also won’t be beneficial for you to drive around for hours waiting for Uber to ping you with a fare. This will only add more miles and wear to your car. It is the best practice as an Uber driver to find a central location and stay there.

Don’t Just Take Any Fare That Comes Along

Driving a long way to pick someone up simply because it’s available may eventually cause you to lose money in the long haul. The team at claims that passengers can cancel their ride requests at any time, which means that if it takes you a bit longer to reach them and they get restless, they can cancel. And, regardless of how far you’ve already driven to get there, you’d be out that money entirely. Make sure you measure each fare that comes your way, and choose which ones benefit you the most.