5 Items That Can Pop Your Tires According to DriversServices.org

driversservices blog: 5 Items That Can Pop Your Tires According to DriversServices.org

Having a flat tire is a giant pain in the neck. But oftentimes, flat tires are entirely unavoidable, especially when you can’t see the tiny objects that threaten your tires in the first place. The experts at DriversService.org have seen some strange things that have flattened tires before, but there are quite a few objects that have seemingly caused flat tires on a more common basis. Take a look at these five items which can pop your tires, as illustrated by the team at DriversServices.org.


Whether curbs are strong enough to pop a tire entirely is debatable. However, depending on the speed at which you hit the curb, whether or not a sewer is present, or the state of the curb to begin with, you may just flatten your tire with one hit – especially if your tire is running thin as it is. The angle of the curb also makes a difference. So the next time you are considering pulling that U-Turn and think you’ll just hop the curb with ease, remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Nails, Screws and Other Debris

According to the experts at DriversServices.org, your tires will go flat due to sharp, pointy objects that happen to be in the road. Whether due to nails, staples, screws or the like, something incredibly sharp can immediately puncture a tire, or even lodge itself in a tire and flatten it over time. These types of objects aren’t always avoidable, especially since they are tiny compared to other things your eyes focus on in the road. If you’re lucky though, the puncture wound from a sharp object in your tire can potentially be fixed by professionally patching it up and then heading on your way.


The group at DriversServices.org explains that while glass can be extremely detrimental to your tires, it won’t necessary flatten them immediately. Glass isn’t strong enough to puncture the rubber on a tire; however, it can chip away the tread on your tire, which will eventually cause it to flatten.

Speed Bumps

Are you the type of person that laughs in the face of speed bumps? It might be time to reconsider. Speed bumps can cause excessive wear and tear on your tires over time. Driving over a speed bump too fast forces the sides of your tires downward, potentially making them scrape the ground. These are the types of things in the road that are entirely avoidable. You can see them, there are signs, and going over them too fast can wear your tires thin and make them dangerously close to blow-out levels.


Potholes are an everyday road hazard and one that may not be so obvious in the flesh. The group from DriversServices.org explains that potholes can occur in the road seemingly overnight, and also be small enough to cause some severe damage without you even seeing it. If your car hits a deep pothole, your tire can completely puncture, especially with jagged pieces of cement sticking out of the pothole, itself. Oftentimes potholes take a while to be fixed in the road, so it’s better to drive with caution and to keep your eyes open, instead of just rolling over these ditches and hoping for the best.