Top 6 Cars You Should Drive During Summer According to

driversservices blog: Top 6 Cars You Should Drive During Summer According to

Many people don’t expect cars to have a seasonal purpose, yet the experts at want you to know that there are certain cars that you should absolutely drive during the summer for both pleasure and for purpose. Whether you intend to have long summer nights cruising with your friends, or you need the right car to take cross-country on your summer road trip, has just the list of cars to consider.

Fiat 500c Convertible

Really, any convertible seems to do the trick when you need a summer car, yet the team at finds great appeal from a convertible car that also gets such great gas mileage. Summers are made for road tripping with friends, or cruising just for the sake of enjoying the nice weather. Maybe you want to take a two-hour summer detour to the beach, and don’t want to spend an arm-and-a-leg on gas. The Fiat 500c combines the best of a convertible car, with huge savings for your wallet. Plus, these small-bodied vehicles are just fun to drive. Pretend you’re cruising the coast of Southern Italy in this summer stallion.

Subaru Forrester

There is something about the Subaru Forrester that just oozes adventure. Maybe it’s the box-like exterior, or the big trunk, but this is the type of car that is just waiting to be jumped into to hit the road. The group at chose the Forrester as one of the best summer cars because you can easily strap a pair of kayaks or mountain bikes to the roof rack and be on your way. It’s an exploration-mobile with endless opportunities.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

If you need an SUV to take on a long drive cross-country, then you might as well take one that is both comfortable and reliable – not to mention extremely cool. The Highlander Hybrid by Toyota makes for the perfect summer car, because it combines seating for up to 8 people, plus 28 mpg. It’s hard to not choose a hybrid SUV as the ultimate summer road trip vehicle, especially when all you have is an atlas, a few good tunes, and your friends to guide the way.

Mazda Miata

As the experts at consider what summer is all about, the words “fun” and “sun” automatically come to mind. What better way to enjoy both of those worlds than with an iconic roadster convertible such as the Mazda Miata? As one of the best-selling roadster cars in the game for decades now, there is no better way to cruise through those summer months than with this sporty automobile.

Jeep Wrangler

It is a no-brainer to consider the Jeep Wrangler as one of the most perfect summer vehicles on the market. The fact that the Wrangler can remove certain pieces of its body – doors or roof for example – allowing for the warm breeze to come sweeping in while you drive, is a huge seasonal bonus. The Jeep Wrangler has the sporty, adventure-body that most SUV vehicles have, but also the option to turn it into a convertible-style car. It is easily the best of both worlds, and the ultimate summer-fun car.

Classic or Vintage Cars

Summertime is the perfect time to finally take that classic car you have kept in the garage all year out for a spin. Picture cruising down the beach streets in your classic Mustang convertible and parking along the water’s edge, like the cover of a Beach Boys album. If you live in an all-season state, then that means your vintage car hasn’t seen much road time throughout those colder, winter months. It’s time to take that beauty out of the garage, and to start turning heads on the road.