Explains Who Has Access to Your Driving History

driversservices blog: Explains Who Has Access to Your Driving History

Accessing an individual’s driving record is not necessarily the easiest feat. There are certain professionals that can access driving records on command, simply because it is part of their job. However, other individuals may need to seek legal permission in order to access a person’s driving history. Thanks to the team at, we have the breakdown of who can access your driving history, and who cannot.

Department of Motor Vehicles

The Department of Motor Vehicles, or DMV, can access your driving record at any time and immediately provide it to you if necessary. Depending on the circumstance according to, the DMV is able to print out your 10-year driving record, which will detail any traffic violations, accidents and the like. Make sure you go through a motor vehicle licensing authority though, as there are many online websites available which claim they can search your driving history for free, but require unnecessary fees and information.

Law Enforcement

According to, your driving history is made visible to law enforcement immediately upon request. When law enforcement pulls you over for whatever reason, officers can look up your driving record in order to make sure there aren’t any outstanding tickets or citations that need your attention. Also, law enforcement may use your driving record to make a decision on whether or not you will be cited when pulled over. Some law enforcement officers use your driving record to determine if they will let you off with a warning due to an unblemished record, or to write the ticket because you are a habitual offender.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are able to look up your driving history in order to determine the policy rates and quotes they can offer you for coverage. According to the team at, insurance companies do need your permission to search these records, whether it be by signature, or by simply agreeing to their terms. If you are looking for an insurance quote online, the way to get the most accurate quote is to provide permission to research your driving history record. Without that permission, the insurance company can only offer a generalized quote with much less accuracy.

Other Individuals

Depending on the state in which you are requesting a driving history, the group at illustrates that certain individuals who are not named on the record may still be eligible to obtain the records. These individuals, however, will need to provide a notarized statement from you, which authorizes them to obtain your driving record history. Without your legal permission, they will not be able to access your driving record. On the other hand, individuals who have good legal cause to search your driving history may access your record at their leisure. For example, anyone who has need to conduct a background check on you, whether for employment, for a new residence application or for legal purposes, will be able to access your driving record.