Missouri Drivers License Renewal

Renewing your Driver License

If your driver's license is about to expire, you need to act now. Renewing your license before it's too late can save you a lot of time and money. Our staff has researched the driver's license renewal process for every state, so all the information you need is right here at your fingertips. Click "Continue" below to get started..

Renewing your driver's license in Missouri

How to renew your driver's license in Missouri

When you will need to renew your Missouri driver's license:

  • Your Missouri driver's license will generally expire on your birthday. The expiration year depends on your age when the expiring license was issued:
    • Driver's Age at License
    • Issue or Last Renewal Validity of License
    • 18-20 license valid for 3 years
    • 21-69 license valid for 6 years
    • 70 and older license valid for 3 years
  • It is advisable to renew your driver's license before the birthday on which it will expire. You can renew your license any time in the six months leading up to its expiration.
  • You will receive a renewal notice from the Department of Revenue before expiration date.
  • Your driving privileges expire on midnight of your birthday if you do not renew. However, you will still have an additional six months to renew your license without any additional testing requirements.

To renew your driver's license in person in Missouri, bring the following with you:

  • Your expiring license or Proof of Identity if the expiring license is not available
  • If your name has changed, documentation of the name change is required.
  • Proof of residency (It can be a phone or other utility bill, property tax receipt, most recent bank statement, voter ID card, or any recent official letter with a state government agency's letterhead).
  • Proof of Lawful presence (Any of the following documents) (Those who are 65 years of age and above need not give proof of lawful presence for renewing the driver's license)
  • Renewal fee of $20 for a six-year renewal and $10 for a three-year renewal, payable by cash or check.

To renew your driver's license by mail in Missouri

To renew your driver's license in Missouri by mail you will have to be eligible. Only active duty military personnel and their dependents will be aloud to renew by mail. Complete this application form and follow the instructions given in the form.

Mail all the documents to:

Driver License Bureau
301 West High Street - Room 470
Jefferson City, MO, 65105-0200